Picker + Picker Item and Date Picker


  1. When i refer to thunkable documentation, there is the Picker option at user interface but, when i try to use it, i cannot found the component under the user interface… its anyone can help me?

  2. For thunkable android the is the option for date picker, its got any suggestion for the component that i can used to replace date picker in ios?

Thank you


You can not find this component because it does not exist. I do not know why the confusion in the documentation is made. See the link to deal with this.

thanks for the respond…

i just saw it… coming soon… thank you… thank you…
this component are important…
so many limitation to make ios app similar to android app…

alright… thanks again…


If you really need this picker component, then try to simulate it. I made a small example here for experiments with the floating action button with sub menu. I think the ideas from it can be used for picker, and for dialogues. On the Advances tab of the properties panel, for some components, you can set Position = absolute, on which everything is built.

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Thanks for the sample, i already try it, but i not understand what actually the output after we insert the value in textfield,
one question for u… its we can get the listviewer value? or its only for display?


Try my new example. It allows you to display list picker.


I think i get your idea now… just focus on the button wright…
okay… thanks so much… its really2 helpful… at least i can used this concept until thunkable release the component… :star_struck: :ok_hand:

Thank you so much…

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This one really amazing… this is what i actually looking for… thank so much…

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A small improvement. In the Column1.Height block, instead of 30%, specify Fit contents. Then the height of the dialog will automatically change by the number of entries in the list.

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Alright… nice… :+1:

Thank you very much! Thanks to the solution of this problem, I found a lot of new things for myself, including creating a dialogue with the shadow.

Can apply the shadow to the floating component… make it more real…

Yes. The shadow is not applied to the Column dialog container, but to the frame inside it, which is made from an empty Label with absolute positioning and relative sizes of 100%. Here’s a screenshot of how I did it.

I found another interesting opportunity. If Picker is positioned above the full-screen button, you will be able to cancel the dialog when clicking this button.

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Nice… currently mine appear on the top… still try to make it floating…

The link is private…

New versions of the dialogs you can see in this project.