[Solved] List Viewer and grabbing text from lists

Hi! So, here’s the deal. I’m making a translation app and have a function where users can add lines of text to a list, then view that list on a separate screen. I’m trying to add another function where a user can tap an item on that list that they added which then grabs that text and tosses it back through the translator. My question is, how do I write the code that copies text from a single item in a list? I can handle the other bits.

As for the bug, I can’t get the list viewer to show up on my mobile (iPhone 8+), but it shows up fine on the computer simulated thunkable phone. Is there a fix for this?

Please let me know. Thanks! (Keep in mind the list can change at any time because it is user controlled – it can be cleared or added to indefinitely.)

the event handler for the list viewer has onClick even ‘data output block’. that is the text from the list item

Many thanks, this works out. Any clue on the list viewer not showing on mobile, or is that likely a my-end problem? I’m using the thunkable live test app on my phone.

I’ve seen issues where the live viewer will do stuff that a phone won’t. It’s unusual though. Can you post a screenshot of the blocks you use to populate your list viewer?

Here’s what I’m working with. I’ve since had a new error come up. On my computer only, this screen functions as intended. On both my phone and on my peers’ computers, the My Phrases screen causes the app to go full-white and freeze. I think this error may have something to do with the stored variable, though I’m unsure.

The previous bug simply wouldn’t display the list viewer, but now I need to solve this first. If you would like me to include a share link, please let me know.

Thanks very much!

Do you have this variable set as an empty list? You can’t initialize a stored variable as such. So I wonder, did you let the variable know it needed to behave like a list

This could be accomplished with a simple logic statement on screen open. If var = null set as empty list else do nothing


That was it. You’re a lifesaver. Thank you!

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Would you be as kind as marking my post as the solution? :slight_smile:

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