Note regarding update to the emergency alert system

Hi, this is a note regarding the 3.0 update will be released soon but currently it is still under development. It will became available by march this year and to allow functionality of any future updates, and due to some security concerns to prevent abuse of the system (i.e. sending false alerts) due to the updated admin verification in the 2.2 update is more secure than those of the older ones which instead used a simple admin code, the newer ones used a barcode and/or QR code verification. As in the newer systems, and due to the disclosure of the older admin code, the chances of abuse with the alert system may get higher than before, and due to that all versions older than 2.2 (for example the original version of the system and version 2), will be disabled by 1 March 2021 and will no longer receive alerts nor can they be used to issue alerts. However before that time the system will still be made available, but due to the new updates those systems may cease to function normally when the future update is released, for example in the next update (version 4) an major change to the way how alerts are send, together with others, will be made. As such, the new 3.0 version will be prepared to make this update. Anyway the changes in the 3.0 update is:
Added alert templates - templates are added to alerts, and can make issuing an alert faster and easier.
Changed the code a bit to allow the new features in any future updates to be added.

In addition, the changed in the planned update 4.0 are below (keep in mind as this is only planned the changes are subject to updates.)
Changed UI to a better, more user-friendly user interface.
Added automatic tests, which will automatically issue test alerts as mentioned before.
Majorly changed the variables of the alerts.
Added new feature in which if an alert appears to be issued in error, then (on mobile devices only) the user will get an notification that the alert may be issued in error. This is done with the alert component.
Added alarm tones which are triggered when an alert is issued. This can be turned off in the new user preferences page.
Added alert priority - this is similar to the level of the alert but it is different in that it rather describes the importance of the alert, such that in the preferences a user may choose to only receive severe alerts
Added alarm status - there will be 4 state of alerts, “emergency advise” will inform a user to be aware that an emergency is likely to happen. “action required” will inform a user than an emergency has been confirmed to have occurred and action needs to be taken immediately. “emergency” is the most severe and indicates than an emergency is imminent and action needs to be taken as soon as possible (if not already taken).


I was going to mark this as spam but… is this an update for an app you published? If so, please post a link to a prior topic and/or a link to the app store page for your app. Thanks.

Ok thanks but this is still under development so the link is not yet available but it should be soon but anyways this is not intended to be a spam and yes this is an update for the app that has already been published under the made with thunkable

Okay, thanks for clarifying. It would have been good to explain that at the start (you sort of did but it wasn’t clear to me) and provide a link to a previous topic about this project. I’m guessing it’s this one?

Sounds like you’ve made a bunch of improvements!