Emergency alert system version 2

This is only the second version because the 2.1 version is not working as intended,but i have the newest working version. This is a system where when there is an emergency the system will alert you, only people with the admin code can create alerts. This is all manual, but it will alert you when there is an emergency. Please note that there is an weekly test that will occur every wednesday at 12:00 gst. But in case of emergency it will alert.
the link to the app is https://thunk.app/w/n6VXHg78n

Update: The test is just two days later. The alert will go off,but keep in mind that there is no emergency in this case, this is only a test. for more information please click here.


Sweet. Where will this be used? What type of setting?

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in case of emergency but note that there is a test 2 days after so the broadcast will activate with text to speech and the screen will turn red. Keep in mind that this is only a test, there is no emergency unless the broadcast says that this is not a test but in that case the broadcast will say this is only a test