Newer version of emergency alert system

This is a newer version of my emergency alert system, which the version is 2.2. 2.1 was never published as there is an issue of it. Unlike all previous version like 2.0 and 1.0, which should work all as it is without further customization, this newer version requires customization in order to work properly. The improvements are that it makes admin access more secure which is done by using a QR code or barcode instead of an admin code to login as administrator. Note that it will not work without customization, as you will need to specify the barcode or QR code to log in. To do that, follow the following instructions:

Open this remix link: Thunkable ;
Go to the screen “adminlogin”;
Make sure you are on the code section. Find the two text boxes that say “place code here” and “optional; place second code here”. Replace those with the barcode code. You need to get this code using this tool (you may need to livetest it on a mobile device) and press scan. Point the barcode or QR code and a code will be shown. Copy and replace that text in the box with the pasted code (see photo):

(Do not include the brackets, just delete everything in the box and replace it with the code, putting the code in the middle of the brackets will cause it to not work.)
(You can also see the unused code where the original code for the admin code was used to be.)
Once pasted, the customization is done. You may also want more than one barcode to work, this pre coded code works with 2 barcodes, you need to replace the other box (do the same steps above). If you need more than 2, you will have to modify the code by adding another “or” block to the amount of barcodes you want and put the rest of the values in. Once done, the app can be used. Here are some photos of the new version:
(photos coming soon)

If you have any questions, please reply. Thanks.

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