My first ios app(qrcode and barcode generator)(release new version 9/22)

i build a ios app for generate qrcode,could i release the app link to here?

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Please share. And don’t forget to add “Screenshots” of an app.

open the link in safari,if your ios version >8,you should in the setting believe rappidly inc.

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sorry,i use the phone,cannot add screenshots.

new version updated (add barcode):


Nice, a first app in IOS!
You used a web viewer ?

right,use two webviewer.

i am going to release new version (add barcode type setting).

preview picture:

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hi all,today i release new version:

1.add settting for barcode type choice
2.add settting for show barcode value switch
3.if leave the input box blank,should generate code for last input text

because the thunable ios not yet add initialize event for screen,so when you open setting screen,you should click the load setting button then display the settings.