Information about test of Emergency Alert System

At the time this post is created, the next test is just two days after. If you are using the 2nd version of Emergency Alert System, note that there is a test every wednesday. Tests for the first version of Emergency Alert System has been discontinued. However, you may be still be able to receive the message even if you are using the first version since the first and second version are synced together. However, in the first version, there will be no text to speech and screen color.

What to expect: During the test, the emergency alert will go off and will play a text-to-speech function as the screen turns red. Keep in mind that there is no emergency. After 5 minutes everything will go back to normal and this also tests the all clear message- the all clear message will also show up.

This is not the only time a test will occur, tests occur every 12:00 GST wednesday. This is to ensure that every component is working as intended.