My project emergency alert system did not work as intended even when program is exactly how it should go

My project emergency alert system is supposed to alert when i send the alert but when in the app i turned off text to speech and it did not work even i programmed it to do what it should do. Do you know how to fix this?

Hey @zbk0612eip8w

Was the issue here with Text to Speech? If you turn it off, then I would expect it not to work, right?

No, it is not with that at all. When I try to turn the switch off, it still does that like it’s turned on.

What blocks are you using to turn of the TTS?

Switch component, if the switch is on it returns true and if it’s off it returns false and if the value is true it will play the tts but if the value is false it will not but no matter what it always play the tts

I get the logic, but what block are you using to deactivate your TTS component?

Can you send a screenshot please?


I will send that

Out of curiosity, are you experiencing the issue on iOS, Android or both?

@zbk0612eip8w you don’t have any switch changed event listener in your screenshots…

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