Not able to make attendance app

Hi, Shivendra here,
I want to make an app for my office attendance.
but I am facing an issue that I cannot set the date and time in the proper row and column in google sheet. It tried list viewer and everything but the data is not placing at the right column and row. Please Help. This means that when the user sets the time should be placed in the time column in google sheet but it is placing somewhere else.
Appreciated (in advance)

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Show what you have tried so far and a link to the project or screenshot of your codes and point out the issue.
When giving such info you will have others giving you advices and guidance of how to fix the issue.

You’re using the create row block so it’s going to create a new row in your Google Sheet each time. Is that what you’re seeing? You might need to add a blank text string ("") to each of the empty “puzzle” pieces such as “Name value” for this to work… not sure.

What is it exactly you expect to happen? You wrote that you want it to be in the “proper row and column” but what does that mean?