Extract Data and Update

i have data like this…
in that data have 2 admin users. ( User 1: 123@te.com and User2: 321@te.com)

when the User 1 will login it will show how many data’s match User 1 id

and this my code block

after when i click any one data “Janani S” the current date and time will update “day1-in” column
when i swipe left it will remove the data

Need Help!!!

One more query, if “day1-in” filled after 5:00 hours when i click data “Janani S” the current date and time will fill “day1-out” column

Its like Student attendance

When the “Janani S” add the “day1-in” its disable click until the swipe left

Are you looking for help in building a student attendance app @IJohnKennady?

Is there any specific requirement that your data be in this format? If you can change the structure it differently then you can make you life a lot easier.

Finally, and most importantly, is Google Sheets the right option for your project? How many teachers will you have and how many students are you expecting to have? This is probably the main limiting factor that will determine the best backend to go with.

its not a student attendance, its Faculty attendance, the logic we have trainers, each trainer to teach 40+ faculty members, when A trainer login, they teach specific program, and same as B and C
and its 2 - 7 Days program, based on course

But in our case database we using MongoDB and SQL

got it - so do you need to use an API here rather than Google Sheets?

Yes, anyone Guide me