Update Value in Timesheet

I am trying to create a timesheet where I can click a “Clock in” button and it puts the time in a specific row on Google sheets. I can’t get Thunkable to find the correct row based on the date (all dates are already typed into the first column of the sheet).

Any ideas?

It’s really hard to help if we can’t see how you set up your blocks. Post a screenshot and someone may have an idea of what to change to get it working.

Here is how I set up my block and what the Google sheet looks like. The “for row id” part is where I don’t know what to put in there to target the correct row. I basically want it to search for today’s date in the 1st column of the sheet and then put the time value in the adjacent column on the same row.

I think you want a VLOOKUP. See this tutorial: Performing a VLOOKUP in LocalDB

I’m thinking you can sub in Google Sheets for localDB without issues.

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In Google sheet the row id is actually the row number of the sheet - 1. So to add the time in the 7th row in the sheet, set the row id in the block to 6.

Is there an easy way to just tell it “look for [todays date] in column 1”?