Not able to finish my sign up / sign in screen

I made screen 1 for signing up and signing in using thunkable available tutorial in youtube…I did everything same as it is shown but while doing it didn’t showed fews blocks I don’t know why but I left that things there and moved ahead after everything done when I tired to test my app login screen it showed this

Now I don’t know how can I fix this problem please help…

Below attached few blocks screenshot


These are leftover screenshot as I was not able to post all the screenshot…

Someone please help me to fix this

It’s telling you that it’s not a valid email address. So in the set of blocks below, replace Email-T1's Text with a Text block (" "). And enter the email address as a static value in that text block. Let us know if that works.

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Thanks leader it worked

You’re welcome. “Leader” is just a title that the discourse forums software gives me. You’re welcome to refer to me as @tatiang. (The @ symbol notifies a forum user).