Register screen not working anymore

So, with the help of some tutorials I’ve managed to make a log-in and sign-up screen for my app. I connected them to a firebase, and they all seemed to be working well, until they didn’t. For some reason, I can’t create new users(e-mail and password) in my firebase. Why is this the case? Thank you very much.

Oh, and btw. For this project I also want to store some user-specific data in the firebase, that can be further used by the app, or other users. How can I do that? What should I look into? Web APIs or JSON objects? I’m sorry, I really have no clue.Thanks in advance.

What sign-in method are you using in Firebase? Do the new email addresses you enter when signing up in Thunkable show up in Firebase under Authentication–>Users?

Are you trying to sign up with a new email address or the same one you’ve signed up with before?

If you are having a problem with the Sign Up block not working, I would recommend right-clicking on the block and choosing Show Advanced Block. Then, assign the green error block to a label’s text. Try signing up again and let us know what the value of the error block is.


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Okay, so I tried again this morning and it works apparently =)) . I am using authentication by e-mail adress, and yes, the e-mail adresses showed up in the firebase until that moment when I tried creating a new account and it wouldn’t show up. But it works now, so it’s all good. Thank you for answering!!

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