Please Share Template of login, signup and forget password screen

Hello all,
I need your help as I need a project in which there is login , signup and forget password screen.
I just need only these three screen present in that project.
If someone has so please give that to me.

Nearly everyone who posts here needs help. And people are quite generous with their advice and time. But it helps the whole community if you title your threads with something related to the topic you need help with.

I’ve changed it from “Can some please please help me” to “Help with login, signup and forget password screen.”

Also, it sounds like you’re asking for a full project but I recommend you do the work and ask a specific question (with screenshots, details of what you’ve tried, etc.) when you get stuck.


I want ready made these screen if you have so kindly share it with me.

Thanks @tatiang!

@sakshamgoyal4031 we have guidelines here on how to post, including how to title your posts. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with them.

Additionally, if you search the community for “Sign in” you will find this in #thunkable-cross-tutorials

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