Can Anyone Remix This Sign In App From Thunkable

For Anyone Search a good fast sign in app to use in their app its this from thunkable

now coming to my question can anyone remix this app i wanna put user input and save it to my phone alonge with stored email and stored password thanks ! :slight_smile:

(picture of Blocks would be great)

This is just a copy of @jane’s sample app here:

If someone remixes an app it creates a new Firebase for their project - you will not have access to any user data in remixed apps and this is deliberately done for precisely this reason.

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im having issue getting "object’ from firebase could you help me with that? in my firebase data i want users email and then other information connected to that email i gott with making "creating object’ if you want i can pm you with pictures i have been stuck on this issue for 2 days and i dont wanna mess uup the sign up/in thunkable sample app because its so nice