NFC in iOS - is it possible w/ Thunkable?

Has anyone used Thunkable to successfully enable NFC core feature within an iOS app?

Just wondering if it’s possible. Thank you!

You cant. Apple blocks NFC access for apps. Its only for their ApplePay

Thanks Sander. Previously this was the case, but Apple recently enabled NFC core functionality within apps in iOS 11 (

I am just wondering if it is possible to activate using Thunkable’s NFC docs (


And if it is, we would be very interested in contracting w/ an experienced thunkable dev to work on multiple NFC apps for enterprises.

NFC is one of the features which we are exploring to add to Thunkable!



iOS 11 introduced NFC option, no longer only Apple Pay is allowed to use that feature.

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Oh okay. I didnt know that. I dont spend my time on Apple. I heard from some friend that they hated that about apple, but that is I think about half a year ago. So that is finally changed

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Here’s a link that explains how to use NFC in Thunkable. Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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We know how and what is NFC, I just said that Apple has integrated that.

Yes, I just noticed. Sorry!

Thanks Vimanyu!

Just to confirm, do these docs apply to iOS as well? They are listed as Android.

I was playing around with blocks in the Thunkable iOS builder, but having some trouble following the documentation.

This is as far as I was able to get (I understand that it only works on Screen 1)

I’m not sure how to tie ‘NearField1’ to iOS’ NFC core functionality, and I’m also not sure how to access/incorporate ‘Read Mode’ into the block. Does anyone know how to do this?


Thanks Wei!

In other words, are you saying that these docs ( are currently only for Android?

If so, do you have a timeline for enabling NFC in iOS?


Yes, this is currently a Android only feature as far as I know. But, I think it is coming to IOS in the near future.

Yes, no timeline at this point.


Thanks all!

Thunkable seems like an amazing platform with an awesome community, and we would love to be a part of it. Unfortunately, the NFC functionality is essential to the apps we’re building, so Thunkable won’t work for us until it’s implemented.

If the NFC feature does get implemented on iOS, our consulting group may be interested in hiring a thunkable pro to build a series of apps featuring the NFC functionality. If it’s ever implemented, please email me at

Any update here?

@Willy @Erik_Moderegger

Can you explain exactly how and why you need this component? It isn’t something that is highly requested, so would like to have a bit more information from you on how you plan to use it.


I am also interested in NFC for IoS. I am building a “Rounds Mgmt” app whereby a Technician has to check a series of Equipment weekly. In order to bring up the right documentation and “prove” they completed the preventative Checks we want them to scan a NFC label on the machine. We could QRC codes but they are so easily copied (i.e. photograph on camera phone) so we don’t want to use them. Are there any plans to implement NFC for IOS ? tks

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I am very interested in a NFC component for iOS. As mentioned above, I’d like a user to “tap” on the equipment he’s working on and have that information available to the application. This could be something like a UUID for the device which then is subsequently used to log information or connect to the device.

Lacking this component, I’ll be forced to switch to something like LiveCode.