Next Letter game

I’m working on a game for my kids. They both got Covid and so we’re all isolating from each other which is a little lonely. We like to play this word game called Ghost sometimes when we’re hiking so I thought it might be a fun way to pass the time at home.

The way it works is that one player starts the game which generates a random game ID. They can choose to share that via a text message. Then, one or more players join via app or web app using that same game ID. Everything is synced to Firebase and updates once every two seconds.

Players take turns typing in a single letter to add to the end of the current letters until a word is formed. The object is to avoid completing a word. Words must be 4 letters or longer. So in the example below, the letters were played in the order C-A-T-S. On the 4th turn, CATS was formed so the player that played the S loses. For each letter you play, you have to have a real word in mind (e.g. if you play CAT, you could be thinking of CATS or CATCH or CATERPILLAR).

You can challenge your opponent’s word (not coded yet) or ask for a definition of the current word if one exists (using a free dictionary API).

The random emojis are going to represent your five lives. Each round you lose, you lose an emoji (not coded yet).


I’m sorry to hear about your kids got contracted with COVID. I know the feeling. My wife got contracted with COVID last year and the whole family was isolated for TWO weeks.

I like the innovative way you have to deviate the family from thinking about COVID to thinking about challenges.

Nice work.


Thank you, @muneer. I appreciate that. We’re doing okay but it’s worrisome to have my kids sick. I hope your family is doing well now.



I am sorry to Hear that @tatiang .
I wish Them the best.

Anyways your app looks really Nice.

Keep it up.


Hi @tatiang,

I am so so sorry that your kids got COVID.

I wish your family, your children and you the best.

Your app is also super good!

Stay safe and stay active!
Keep up the good work!