Guys can i share my first online multiplayer games

Please help me more to improve this game

This game need to 2 player to play. Player A will guess what Player B word have. Then player B will convince Player A with limited words only

Friend mode is for friend you know his/her code…

Online mode is automatic select online user.

Taifun Telephony Manager
Notification aix from Collintree

Special Credits for helping me some issue in fixing some error blocks…
Pixie Bomb for the Spin Wheel


Hello @manelek
Can you add some screenshots here?
Also, it would be great to mention the names of extension developers with their extension, if you have used any extensions in your game.



Wow thanks for credits. I tied it and wrote my review. I tried to play but nobody ask to me :sweat_smile:, it’s a 2vs2 so I need an opponent :grin::+1:. Anyway change label time and label word ,fix their size. The first change size with length number (I don’t like) the second cut words if they are too big (when appear 2 words the second go head and I can’t see it). The screen with the wheel don’t go portrait. Good work :+1::+1:

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Thank you :blush::blush: i will work on it. It’s my first ever game app. A lot of room to improve. Thanks for the help.

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I know, it’s an hard work. I finished my first app a few months ago. Post your app in the #SuccessfullyTHUNKd or change the tag of this post :+1: And again, good work.

I have changed the category now :slight_smile:

And @manelek

Thanks for the tag :smiley:. Will try this game soon


Thanks again. Looking for more interaction with you. :slight_smile:

Wow kabayan Astig :wink:

Nice one bro. Pinoy Henyo

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Wow bro. Ayus… akala ko ako lng pinoy. Haha
Fist bomb!