Tic tac toe game

Hey guys, I have made a simple tic tac toe game with a sign-in screen but still working on new features to add, I have two problems one with the sign-in screen and the other with the online game. Problem-related to the sign-in screen is that if the user opens the app sign-in screen will open every time, I want that sign-in screen to appear only the first time. And the online game problem is that **"How to make online games. ** Can anyone help me with these two problems??
Link to my project: :point_down: :point_down:

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yes, sure…

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You have to store the email and password of user.

that will store in firebase.


But how will sign in screen appear only one time?

When screen 1 start, if user already signed in navigate to screen 3, else navigate to screen 2(signup screen)

please wait 1 minute i will try.

from where I will get “if user already signed in”

can you share screenshot

make a stored variable called “Username”
when screen opens
if stored Username = not null
navigate to other screen

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will anyone not tell for “How to make online games” ?? :worried: :zipper_mouth_face:

use realtime db

can you tell me in detail? or share screenshot?

its easy to use just use firebase console to generate api etc. and put all the necessary details in thunkable x and then you will what to do by seeing blocks

what blocks to put i dont know :worried:

drag the realtime db component and the see the blocks of realtime db