Creating a multiplayer online game room

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Not much information out there about this topic…especially on thunkable x : /

I’m hoping for someone to at least help me get the ball rolling. My goal is to simply create an online room or connection between 2 phones. From there I just want to be able to have both players hit a button and it be viewed on both screens. From what I read thus far, I will be using Firebase as the database. Can anyone help me connect two phones and share 1 screen?

Any help, suggestions, info, guidance would be much appreciated, Thanks.

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What exactly are the users on each end going to be viewing. Please give more detailed information.

For simplicity, I would like user 1 and user 2 to each have a counter button. If user 1 pushed the button the counter goes up and it can be displayed on both users phones. And, vice versa.

yes. i am working on something like this in using firebase. it’s totally doable!

it may be easier to use a cloud variable if you are making this for your own purposes. to publish you will want to use firebase.

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For scaleability, you should create a tag which is named as a random 8 digit number.

In this tag you have a child called counter.

Here is where you have the number (variable) that will change according to how many times the button is pressed.

For both users to be linked into the game, they both must know the code.

Kind of like Kahoot, you could have the create a game option and join a game option.



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I m working in something similar too! But I m having difficulties, can you take a look?

In my case I try to create a "random player button where the users could play with anyone who created a game without knowing each other… But I m doing something wrong, Can you take a look?

Hi. please see this

there is a side navigator. pull it out and go to the screen “cloud counting”

I find cloud variables much easier to work with than firebase, but either would work for this use case

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Jared, sory about my ignorance but… where and how can I see the “cloud” variables? where it saved?

In Media DB Cloudinary?

little more help please. I created the random 8 digit number. I gave it 2 children. Now I’m having trouble getting the information. How do i get the information of the random 8 digit number? I know how to get the information given the key and then its the value… However the random number is by itself which is the key. not value… Should I be getting the key…

Here’s More info

I created a Match Passcode, Then had a child with a key " Match Passcode ": and the value " random # " I can get random number from this situation (the bottom tree). However when I add more data to the tree. I lose the value (random number) and my key stays. So i have no idea how to get the random number from firebase… which will allow me access to data of the the children…

Please help thanks.

Good Question…you can do that…

Check out this project it might help you-