Online Game Using Firebase

Hello Everyone !!

Today i’m sharing my another app TIC TAC TOE with you all. As may of you already know about this game and also there are some tutorials available on youtube where you can learn to create your own Tic Tac Toe.

So what i did ?, I took this game one step forwad i.e I have changed and re written some blocks so that you can play this game online from anywhere with anyone !! Here is an overview video to show you how the app works !! :grinning:

  • Great Work !
  • I need a tutorial
  • Thanks for sharing

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:link: Click Here to download the APK or AIA of this game.


Awsome dude keep doing your great work.

@cttricks, can you share how you did to make it two player online? I’m starting with games now and it would be great if i could apply the online play to my mini game Rock Paper Scissor.

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Hi @Landowski I have seen your game Rock Paper Scissor. and i must say it’s really awesome. Ya i’ll definetly share the idea behind to online game that i made. :grinning:

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when you will share :worried:

Click on the link and navigate to the button where you can download the APK. Beneath that button are instructions on how you can pay to get the AIA file.

which link??

The one that says “Click here” in blue.

It’s right at the bottom of the first post.

it ask for money.

yes it does because it is not for free

Well pay him how much he asks.

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