Math Games - Online Multiplayer Game

Hello Everyone, Here is my new online multiplayer math game app.

App Name :- Math Game

App Features : It is a math game app where you can play interesting math game which is more than 30+ mode.
Main Feature of the app :- It is also a offline / online multiplayer app.
you can compete with your friends and family in realtime by playing online.

It has a achievement panel also where you can see your achievements and how much you progressed in it.

App Screenshots:-

Aia File :- I worked on it so hard to make it so i putted the price of aia is $25 may be some person who interested in it. will buy …

You can pay me through paypal,paytm,upi etc…

App Link:-

Used Extensions:- Circular Progress…

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You’re only supposed to post your app in the forum of the builder you used to develop it.

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