LESS: Like chess - but Less


Less is a new simple strategy board game for two players. It’s a simple game which rules can be learned in less than a minute. The goal is to move your four pieces to the opponents starting corner before he moves them to yours.

You can choose between a game against a computer or an online game against other people worldwide. The board is set up randomly at the beginning of every game and there are 2.8 trillion combinations to try out.

Like chess - but Less!


In app I used this extensions:


thank you for using the Sharing and Tools extension
keep up the good work

i cant finish my game when 1 of my pin still in my base,
but overall the game runs very smooth

Yes, it will bi fixed in new version in few days

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I am not able to make an online game. Please help me with this.

Hi @super2aslace2z If you have a question like this, it’s best to create a new topic. Make sure to explain what you’ve tried and what you need help with. Be as specific as possible and someone will be able to help you.