Chess board Component?

has anyone had any success using the chessboard in an app.
i tried a lot , but it takes a lot of time!!!
Any workarounds or successes here?
Really appreciate responses :grinning:

What do you mean by “the chessboard”? Can you provide a screenshot or an example?

I meant this

I wanted to ask if someone here had success making a sort of chess game app

Oh. The word “component” in Thunkable refers to a built-in block which is why I was confused. I know @codeswept made a chutes & ladders game based on a grid. I haven’t done anything with chess myself.


Oh ok. I actually tried using the chessboard api in the webviewer and connecting it to the thunkable app using the extension but it is very very difficult.
That’s why I wanted to ask thunkable team to build this component but before that i wanted to ask if any of my fellow thunkers here have had any success :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yeah, I did make a game with a grid. Let me try and see if I can adapt it for chess.

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Try this:


I’m currently working on adding the chess pieces in.

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thanks for sharing this @codeswept.
I will try this out. but what i meant is that it taking tonnes of coding for the rules like castling and en passant etc.
There is already a chessboard api that works but i wanted something native.
But i will definitely try this out. :grinning:

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True, I’ve just been trying to make the chessboard work as well.

Really? I’d love to check it out! Could you please share the link here?

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You will have to download this and use the given sample of code in html or java.
I made a few apps based on this too. but they are time consuming.
I was planning on making a live chess server like

using javascript and i am kinda… halfway through?

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