Fun Share: Create a Fake Wordle Puzzle Cover Page!

if you’re be doing a presentation soon, or you’ll be meeting with your team and will be sharing a report, or you need to make a fake wordle puzzle (partially solved) in a hurry, this is for you! create a wordle “game” in progress and present it to your audience as a splash page or report cover!

just see the screenshots below to get an idea what this “app” will do.

just come up with a catchy phrase consisting of the same word length and enter it as a list. you also have to come up with a target word (as if it’s the word you’re trying to guess in wordle). this program will apply the rules of wordle and color the words in the list appropriately. (note there is NO dictionary checking at all! anything goes!)

the magic of wordle is still in the air - you may be able get a laugh or two from your audience when you show your current wordle game! enjoy this “app”!

here’s the project:


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

What inspired you to build this?! I’ll have to give this a go today!!


when @domhnallohanlon posted the build-a-wordle challenge and he included this image below, i said, “i wish i had thought of that myself!”

every word was in context!

then when i shared my wordle solver, i thought to myself, now would be a good time to have a wordle solver logo ala wordle. now i have one.

it was fun!