Newbie Struggles

Hi all, I only got my hands on this software yesterday so this is probably a really dumb question but I’ve looked at a few videos similar to this scenario and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Everything works up until the last step where I’m trying to store data from the Food screen (Food Description) in the list variable orders_list1 and then make that visible in the List_Viewer1 in Screen.

Apologies if I’m doing something really dumb!!

Screenshot 2563-08-17 at 22.01.25|657x500

Your list should be initialized to an “Empty List”.

Then you need to populate your list, then you can assign the list to your List_Viewer1.


Many thanks for your help. I tried that initially but I couldn’t get it to work. I have it kind of working now but I want to build the the list every time a food item is clicked in the data viewer. At the moment I am only getting one line in the list viewer, regardless of how many items I click in the data viewer :thinking:

Also, the live app tester and the preview screen aren’t the same and the app tester seems very unstable. Is that normal or just because I’m currently on a free license? Happy to upgrade if I can get this working.

I think I’ve figured it out . . . I had the details stored in a row and could only see one entry :man_facepalming:t2:

The way I understand it, your app Orders_List1 HAS to initialized as a list with either a list or “Empty List”. I’ve only a couple of months of experience with Thunkable, but initializing the list is pretty important afaik. ALL your variables have to be initialized as a text item, or a number item, or a list.

I have not yet used a data viewer and I’d have to see your code to see what’s up with the list viewer.

The difference between Live app and preview is not trivial. Some things show up, some don’t, some are squished and some aren’t. Depending on your components, some will show in Live Test, some won’t.

I rely on Live app because that’s the device that will run your finished app.

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