New Year's challenge

On the scrTitle screen in the project is located as far as List Viewers. When you select a list item, you go to the screen with the given name. But there is no “navigate to” block on the scrTitle screen! Is it Christmas magic?

Put like those who know the solution to do this.


@actech Is this a challenge that you know the answer to or are you genuinely unsure what is going on? If it is the former, I’ll keep quiet :wink: . If it’s the latter, let me know, because I think I may have an idea of what might be happening.


Mark, I know the answer because it works in the specified project. I was interested in checking that there is at least one user in the community who is interested in not only resolving issues for his application. The result showed that two users still decided to see the project, but no one put Like. What does this say? Let everyone decide for himself if he is interested in thinking about it.

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Hi, @actech! :wave:
I got you :grin:

On scrTitle, you are setting an alert’s (btw it’s a timer) message to the item clicked.


Now, on scrGlobalFunctions, you are executing the firing block, which calls a function which uses normal navigaton. The firing block gets this message -

you are setting an alert’s (btw it’s a timer) message to the item clicked


Nice puzzle! :+1:
Thanks and Happy New year :tada:!

P.S. I just found this topic, and immediately looked into your project :smile:

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