New way of parsing markdown on Discourse

Unfortunately the latest Thunkable forum update (might be a week ago) broke some of my topics. I just noticed that the headings are not big anymore. There seems to be some problems with markdown. For example the older posts still have #Headline but in the newer version only # Headline (with a space) formats a headline. See


Some of my old posts now look very messy

WAIT I just noticed that I’m not able to edit posts with polls at all. Was this always the case?

Discourse updated the way they parse Markdown…so now you have to have the space. (What if you want to begin a line with a hashtag, for example)
This affects a number of my posts too, but I’m just editing as I find them.

I don’t think polls can be edited after they’re closed.

I don’t want to edit a poll, I want to edit a post with a poll. When I try to edit the post (without touching the poll) it displays an error message that “you cannot edit a poll”

Yep, but I think that if it’s not a “regular” post, or a wiki then it’s a poll…like the whole post. Is to just a typo or do you want to make a bigger change?

I wanted to make the changes according to the new discourse. But it is bad if I want to add something to my extension posts