How to make a strikethrough text in posts

Hello everyone! As some of you might have seen text in posts that look like this text here when a Community post is edited, you might be wondering how to type that, it’s called strikethrough text. Because it’s not in the editing toolbar, I’ll tell you how to make it:

Simply just type in 2 ~'s at the beginning and end of the text, like:
~~this ~~ without the space between the s and the ~.
Result: strikethrough text!

Something like this:


Nice! The forum software, Discourse, uses Markdown. There are many documentation pages related to that. Here’s a couple cheat sheets:


Thanks for posting this info @afnanfozailcw81 and @afnanfozailcw81 I’ve updated the category for this to Learn About the Thunkable Community - Community! Knowing markup is very helpful!