Discourse is not adding line spaces

I noticed today that Discourse (the forum software) is not displaying line spaces/new lines.

So, for example, the line above this one is blank but is not showing up.

To get an actual line space like the one above this line, I have to enter a space separated by back ticks (`).

Here’s what my post looks like when I edit it:


I’m not sure I follow you. I can see blank line as the second line.

Oh no! So you’re saying it’s me? I’m actually glad to hear the forums aren’t just broken in general. I’ll try another browser and/or clear my cache. It just started happening this morning.

(blank line above for test)

And here’s how it looks for me:


These posts look fine in Firefox. But even after clearing my cache in Chrome, line spaces are missing. :frowning:

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This is how it looks in my screen