NEW - Rapport building app

The idea came from the awkwardness of meeting up with old friends who you have not seen in a while, or just seeing someone that you may have only met very briefly. It is very easy to forget about what you may have learned about this person.
Using this app, you can store this information so that when you are going to meet them again, you can refer back to the information. Things like hobbies, job, interests, ect.

Check out some screenshots below!

I would like to give a HUUUUGE shoutout to @darren for his videos. They really helped me get this idea off the ground and running. I urge anyone that is interested in using the firebase component in thunkable to check out his videos on youtube, they greatly helped me! For anyone who doesn’t know Darren’s videos just search “Thunkable X Tutorials” on youtube.

Please check it out on the google play store if you think it would be useful to you! I have a suggestion form in the app if you have any features you would like to see added. I think I will soon add it the apple store once I can get a few users on Android to work out any issues. Currently I am trying to put out at-least one build per day!

Thank you for the support! Thunk on!


Just found an interesting bug for new users! With firebase you can require email verification and I did. Unfortunately I allowed users into the app before verifying their email, but they were unable to write to the database until verifying causing it to be confusing.

To fix this I re-directed users to a page requesting them to verify their email. This update will be live about two hours, or however long it takes for the play store to accept it.(Shouldn’t take too long.)

This kind of makes me want to start a list of all the problems I have ran into with firebase to help out new users! Let me know if you think that would be helpful!

EDIT: If you download the app before the update is posted, just verify your email, and then log out via the setting menu. It will automatically log you back in and you should be good to go! Let me know of any other bugs you run into, thank you!!!

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Check out the new UI!!! I used fiverr to get a logo made! Let me know what you think :smiley:!

If you like the format of these screenshots checkout It is the only screenshot I could find that is completely free and you don’t even need to sign up to use it!

Congratulations on publishing the app! Building meaningful relationships is something I’m interested in improving.

I tried to download your app at the link provided, but got a page not found error?

I’m in Canada, so using Canadian Play Store. Is that why?


Here in Brasil it is not working either.

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