New Plugins to the community

Hey friends,

FYI - In a few minutes, I need to add more plugins to the community and you may experience some difficulties accessing the website. It should be short :slight_smile:

Here is the list of the plugins I am going to install -


All the plugins should be working now. Please check and report back :slight_smile:



Yup! I love that whos-online plugin!

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Thank you for installing these awesome plugins !
The material theme looks great !

I have a question though…
What is the limit on the translator plugin ?
I get a notification saying that I have to wait for some seconds after translating 3 posts (3 posts ,not 3 topics )

Translator is annoying!!


Great news!!! I really liked this!!!

The “users online” plugin is really great. :slight_smile:


Perhaps you would need the “br” tag below the online users, as it is very close together with the bottom. @wei
Sorry for the translator.

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Thanks :+1:

We were waiting for those plugins such a long time :wink:


If you slide the user it gets away! I don’t know if its only in iOS :smiley:

Same on Android! :eyes:

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I’m amazed to wake up this morning and see a completely new website! :sweat_smile:
However, the home screen doesn’t look very nice…

The labels for the topic types are off the box, and the who’s online thing just doesn’t look good right there so close to everything else.

You can disable MaterialDesign theme from your profile in Interface section and back to the previous one :slight_smile:


I’m going to give it a day or two first before I change. Here’s a screenshot of the preferences. People might like to check the Open all external links in a new tab option as well, which is unchecked by default.

Also in preferences, if you go to profile there is now an option to include a signature and the See user signatures below posts option is also unchecked by default.

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We are going to install the plugins in a batch, so not on demand. But if you have plugin you want, please post on the forum.



This one’s awesome!

Want it?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t think that this is a good idea. Such a plugin will rid members of their privacy; an exponentially larger version of the who’s online plugin.


@ILoveThunkable to get a clickable link in your signature, use this Markdown formatting (example link to my webpage)
[Pura Vida Apps](
which will be converted into
Pura Vida Apps



Why does this website shows me as online when I’m logged out and even using an incognito window?

It takes a few minutes to update.
EDIT: Looks like it’s 5 minutes.