Discord for developers

I’ve created a Discord that aims to create a kind of community with developers (not only Thunkable) to exchange ideas, screenshots, get inspired, promote your apps…
If you want you can join (I just created it and there are not many people but in the future I hope to have more members).

link: https://discord.gg/ZZkmgEaQ

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Thanks @meulencvp02j - best of luck with your Community.

Are you a Thunkable user? Perhaps you could build an app to help support and develop your community?

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yes, I am a tunkable user :smiley:

Nice i join right now


Do you want to share a link to the weekend design challenge in your community?

Would love to have as many people as possible take part!

cc: @eko.devs.apploroceo

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Ok, I will share this,

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Thanks for your support - feel free to submit an entry yourself too!

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It is posted!!!

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New link https://discord.gg/66Aut7c6

the reason is that his server was nuked by some bot so you cant join… i think u need to make other server