The Forums Seem Familiar

Devforums - Thunkable Community

The thunkable forums seem like a ripoff version of Roblox devforums. Like everythings, identical.

Can somone explain why?

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All forums using Discourse will have identical or near identical. Do you a problem with that???

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Joining a new community and immediately disparaging it is not a great way to welcome yourself.

Also, if you have a complaint like that, at least give an example or do a little research. This is a very positive community and if you stick around, you might find you like it!


Great words @tatiang

Hi @dva-showrblx6ssjsx ,

As mentioned above, we’re proud to use Discourse to host this fantastic community. I wasn’t aware the Roblox used the same software but it’s great and their team are fantastic to work with so it’s not really a surprise.

I’ve changed the word “suspicious” in your original title to “familiar” since I think that’s a better fit for what you’re trying to say.

Here are a couple of other great communities built on Discourse:

Hope you find our Community useful - what sort of app are you working on at the moment?