New Blocks Editor Arrives

Hey friends,

We just deployed a new version of Thunkable. In this release, we are using a newer version of Blockly, which enables us to do more things, such as zooming/panning gestures, undo, etc.

We need to Thank the MIT App Inventor team (Jeff, Andrew, Evan, and many more), who spent months in merging the new Blockly. To the Power Thunkers, Thank you for your passion and your invaluable help with testing.



Great news. Thanks to all who made this possible :+1:.

no funciona el live se bloquea

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now there is the 3.18 version

When will you release it?

I noticed all of the new features. This is great news to have these additional functions. Nice work.

WOW! That so helpful! Thank you very much all of you guys who worked so much on that.
And let’s not forget the invaluable shortcuts: mousewheel to tilt/pan and CTRL/COMMAND + mousewheel to zoom in/out


Add : key alt + left click and drag to copy block. Like illustrator, it would be a dream haha… Or Ctrl + Z

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Hi All,

Is there a list of available Blocky keyboard shortcuts? I did a search of the Community, and didn’t see any.


##Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Added the ability to zoom the workspace in/out. Zooming gestures include:
  • Click the +/- buttons in the lower left corner above the trashcan.

  • Ctrl+Mouse wheel on a mouse.

  • Multi-touch trackpad users with Chrome, zooming can also be done with the pinch/expand gesture.

  1. Added the ability to pan the workspace. Panning gestures include:
  • Mouse wheel up/down will pan the view vertical.

  • Wheels with 2-dimensional scrolling can also pan left/right.

  • Multi-touch trackpad users can pan in two dimensions using two-finger scrolling.

  1. Added Reset to center button will set the zoom back to 1:1 and move to the center of the blocks workspace.

  2. Added workspace grid. Right-clicking (Ctrl+Click on Mac) on the workspace brings up a context menu with “Enable Workspace Grid” option. This option is a user setting and will persist across workspaces and across App Inventor sessions.

  3. Added workspace snapping. If the grid is enabled, another menu option “Enable Snap to Grid” will be available. Enabling this option will make the top-left corner of blocks snap to the nearest grid point. This option is a user setting and will persist across workspaces and across App Inventor sessions.


FWIW, my favorite new Blocks Editor feature is undo/redo!



Yay! I had noticed what I thought were issues but I understand you all were upgrading. I keep my fingers on CTRL + Z and CTRL +V out of habit and always do the palm face when it doesn’t work. Last night…No palm face. Undo worked in the block editor. Got a little finiky when attempting to undo a layout delete. But a prefect needed add on! Thanks Thunkable.

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There is a bug/improvement:

When you change the zoom, and then you change to another screen, that zoom value is resetted to the original one

Hi @Barreeeiroo

Its working fine for me. I’m using

For some screens it’s saved, but for others it’s resetted

Thanks @pavi2410!

The list block move very hard. When add item I have to wait 1 min to show the item. Is only on me ? I have to much blocks ?


Really like the much needed new features. Snap to grid and undo will be indispensable for my needs.

Hi, I’m having the same problem, I have a lot of blocks, in the old one it was slow but ok, in this new version the lag is so long I cannot edit the blocks any longer, which makes it totally unusable for me.

Not sure what to do?