Thank you for search functionality!

@ioannis @matt_conroy I may have missed an announcement about this but thank you Thunkable Staff for the workspace search bar. It’s a game changer. I used to be able to search for and highlight words in the Blocks tab and manually find the highlighted words. But this outlines blocks and allows me to cycle through the results and repositions the focus of the screen for each result as I would want to have happen. :+1:t3:

The only thing I would ask is to please consider swapping the position of the down and up arrows to match other products including Google Docs. The current layout really throws me for a loop!

Google Docs



Hello @tatiang
Thank you for sharing your feedback.
This is a good suggestion! I’ll pass it on to the team.
You can always find the latest updates in the release notes posts.
V456/7/8 Release Notes - Announcements / Release Updates - Community (


I see it now!

Introducing Workspace block search functionality, allowing creators to easily search their blocks.


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