How to search an entire project for a specific variable or other text

Is there any way to search through a Thunkable project to find specific instances of a variable or a piece of text? It would be very useful when debugging to be able to locate everywhere in a project a variable or text is referred to.

No, but I agree this would be very useful.

You can do a find (cmd+f on a Mac, ctrl+f on a PC) for any word that appears in a block on a single screen but… Thunkable will not move the screen focus to those words. They will simply be highlighted which is only a little bit helpful.

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Thank you @tatiang

ctrl+f is fine for doing a text search through blocks on the currently open form. It is time consuming and easy to miss a highlighted value and this won’t detect text in a URL string.

It also means having to manually perform the search on each form where text might exist.

I was hoping that there was a hidden feature somewhere that would facilitate a search across an entire project.

Please consider commenting on this feature request so that the staff knows this is something we customers want:

Thank you @tatiang - I have commented on this in GitHub. It is an essential feature for apps that have to be ‘debugged’.

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