I want this update in Thunkable

When we scroll in our workspace the background is white. It should not happen. This will help users to find blocks faster in their workspace.


Yes, please submit a feature request as @Deluxe suggested but I’m curious… what would you prefer? A choice of color background? How would having a different color help that problem?

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I think he means when scrolling up and down in the code screen he can’t see the blocks unless he stops scrolling.



@muneer is right. i am saying about that only

and you should also put a “find” fuction so that we can search some text of our blocks and that block will appear. This can also help users to find their code faster and they would not have to waste their time in scrolling and finding


Another good idea. It’s important to submit a GitHub feature request so that your ideas get added to the plans for improving Thunkable.

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Mind you, the “find” feature actually partially works.

If you use it, the text will be highlighted but it will not move to the highlighted text.

Also, these two problems combined cause something bigger:
Whenever there’s an error displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen,

  • It does not auto-scroll to the block with the error when we click on the error symbol
  • We have to scroll and the white screen isn’t helping.
    Horizontal scrolling is just a hindrance and not a help. Auto aligning text vertically would help.

I submitted that as a feature request a while ago: auto-jump to error location.


@muneer that’s not in Thunkable. But we have the keyboard shortcut for it. It’s Ctrl+G. I want Thunkable to put it, not by the keyboard shortcut

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That’s also a good idea