Move through blocks UI while coding


Im developing a complex app where i have a number of functions already coded.Moving through the block page becomes difficult to find where a certain function is placed…is there any way to navigate directly to a function or piece of code so i dont have to keep looking for ir manually??

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Dont think theres a “find” buton :slight_smile:
While im “coding” i use to collapse unused blocks at that time, and auto arrange all… this way is easier to move between used blocks… you can collapse even some blocks from a larger block

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I think you can use control + f to find the webpage

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@mimostel advice is the best option available. However, @overturner suggestion actually works and if you do the text you search for will be highlighted but the page will not move automatically to the highlighted text as in normal web pages.

Yes, this is true

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I have screens with 1500-2000 blocks sometimes. It’s a pain in the ass.

To start, I have a robust naming scheme for all blocks. Functions, components etc.

I always zoom way out, search for the thing I’m looking for by name. Look for the highlighting. Then zoom back zoom in accordingly.


nice technique. Thanks @jared for the trick.

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