Next thunkable gui suggestions

Thunkable IDE GUI Suggestions

Having programmed all my life and really enjoyed Thunkable I wrote down some suggestions that will make working with the IDE GUI much more productive for us developers.
Please give a look. Thanks

  1. Color coding and comment writing on the background behind blocks.
  2. Block organization tool (one click line up and space blocks)
  3. One click zoom-in zoom-out to preset zoom levels
  4. Magnifier glass to inspect blocks when zoomed out
  5. Hyper-jump and zoom in to specific blocks by typing first letters of words. Mark in zoomed-out mode all block that start with those words
  6. Copy blocks and groups of blocks from project to project.
  7. Arrange variables list in alphabetic order.
  8. Select groups of blocks to cut, duplicate, move.

Would like to see suggestions from other users.


Items 2, 3 are already available.

Item 6 can be accomplished by Saved Screen option.

Item 8, you can always get a condition block or any button block and move all unwanted to that block and then delete the block. This is what I do any way.

What I miss is the ability to search in the block screen. Sometimes a lot of your time waisted by locating different blocks in the screen.

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