So glad for the thunkable team

Dude, 2 months ago, this would have been close to impossible
Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 1.55.58 AM
(that’s just 1 screen)

now my freeware will be killer, and it’s running very quickly lately! thank you team thunkable!!!

As of 3/2 this has grown to closer to 3K blocks. Although I have done a lot of it already, there is honestly probably room for consolidation and using loops, counters, etc. as i continue to program, I will become more efficient. If anybody wants to check it out and take on a challenge, hit me up!.


Man! My higest ones were ~2000 blocks only :sweat_smile: (It was made before the blocks update, so I decided to delete that screen :man_facepalming:)

This was an amazing update :white_check_mark:

Thanks Team Thunkable!


Also, This image reminds me of the undo & redo options, any updates on it @domhnallohanlon?

Thanks! :blush:

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Glad you guys like the update!

It will be a while before we get undo/redo back. It’s a lot of work, and if done incorrectly it can delete all of your blocks (like it used to). We’re focused on other issues for now - in particular, we need to increase the speed of execution of the blocks so your apps are running faster, and the data viewer test.


Yess!!! Thanks @paulmw!

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Thanks, @paulmw! :blush: