NEW APP: Pay Day - Make Money!



Hello thunkers!
It’s time to make some money with my new app:
Pay Day - Make Money”! :slight_smile:

As you all now @Kevin has make a great app called “PayoutSharp”.
I helped him to create the project and have now created my own new app project.

You can earn money to watch ads. (videos or images)
You don’t must click on the ads (only if you want).

You will earn points and make real money with them if you have enough :slight_smile:

Surely you will not be a millionaire after that…


You are here right if you have boredom and want to earn you some pocket money :blush:

You will see now some screenshots from the first version of the app.

Supported app languages:
- German
- English

Update information:
You will see in the next update the current number of all online users.

I hope you like it and i wish you all to make some big money!! :slight_smile:

Download the app on GooglePlay


Hey @Mika!
Great app you got there, but, I would not prefer to use AdMob for “Watch & Earn” type of apps, because as we all know a sad story of @Kevin’s, that may happen to you to. Although, that’s your choice!
Regards, @ILoveThunkable


Yeah your Admob could also be banned! ( Disabled ) which can even lead into more and more problems like issues with Adsense too :sweat:

EDIT - btw is your payout automatic? And did you use my Admob trick on the interstitial?


Its current not automatic but maybe i find a way for that too because there is a pay pal api.
Maybe its possiple to build a extension for that.


Nice App, Nice interface. but i hope you do take @ILoveThunkable advice into consideration. There are other great networks you can use for this purpose. goodLuck man.


you can also set a timer for user to watch images and banner to avoid the account ban. @Mika and @Kevin


YES i know! But still admob does bann the account :neutral_face:


No longer available on the app store? Why?