New app Chitter-Chatter

I successfully Thunk’d!
My new app Chitter-Chatter came out today. It’s for teachers who need a quick topic idea during restorative circles or tired parents who lead conversations like, “How was school today?” …“Fine.”…“What did you do?”…“Nothing.”

I am a teacher and I know NOTHING about coding, so even though this is a very simple app it was VERY challenging for me. I made 90% of it in one weekend in ThunkableX, and then worked for months on a few little issues, almost giving up. HUGE shout out to the workers at the SF Thunkable headquarters! Without them I would have stopped this and my other apps, and it would have never made it to the Appstore. Many students already got to try it out today! Thank you!


Amazing, thanks for sharing @Laura_Griffith

Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it…but I get lots of questions about “that beaver thing” on my app. Everything from “what is it?” to “it’s kind of yonic for a children’s app” (…ok, maybe that one has his mind in the gutter)…but anyway my point is you guys should write your name there to drum up business not your logo because everyone wants to know how I made it! :slight_smile:

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The best marketing would be: “Made with Thunkable” under beaver logo.

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Thanks for the suggestion! And especially for spreading the word about Thunkable.

Love it!

Buy the pro account and the beaver goes away :slight_smile: