Twelve Days of Christmas App!

i would like to share this app for this season! (Someone, add music to it!)

Happy Holidays!


Very timely! We have a 12 days of Christmas teacher sing-a-long at the school where I work and this will come in handy.

It’s also very efficient coding. Once again, a deceptively simple app from you, @manyone. Thanks for sharing it!

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The app is very good…but u need help for the audio right ?
So put the component sound in the design part, then go to blocks and put the sound file.
If this helped you please mark it as a solution.

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thanks for the kind comments, @tatiang !
and thanks for the suggestion @tanisshagunjal - i created a new version with optional music.

The app is really good, but the music isn’t playing.

did u put the audio
cause when i tried it, it did not start playing

you have to push the switch to ON - and live test works only on my device (android), not on live preview on the pc.

ohh okaayy