My app not working as intended when my code is correct

I created a app similar to the other post i created with an sss sound but It stopped working, its not working as intended You can go there and see the code but i don’t see anything wrong with my code. if you found something wrong with my code please respond to that but i think its a problem with thunkable again

Hey @zbk0612eip8w I tried that in my browser and clicking on the “moniter” button played the sound for me.

But it is supposed to play 6 melodies and i am not able to get it to play “unchained melody” and to start over again after playing “phantom of the opera”

maybe you should change the last block from ‘set app minute to 1’ to ‘set app chime to 1’


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@manyone thank you, i fixed it but still not working

Why do you use 6 audio components if everything can be done with one audio component? This is the main error of the application.

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@actech you need 6 because you need 6 in this case with 1 audio component you can only play 1 melodies and if you set the source after the chimes yes i tested it it does not work and also please stop using that way because its not very kind to use that type of way

also, did you even go into the app you see the reason and i always check the app before i say anything

Are you saying that if I need to play 100 tunes, then I should use 100 audio components?

@actech did you even go into the app? yes but you can change the sound source but it is not working

After your words, I probably should have stopped all help, but I will still give you a link to an example.

If my example doesn’t work, then there seems to be a problem with Thunkable X

You don’t even need a stop button, have you ever seen that on a wall clock? The clock stop automatically when its finished playing @actech

when i hit the moniter button nothing played

I use the stop button to check the reliability of the sound component

I’ve given you an example that can be modified so that the melodies play without stopping.

On my Android 9 example works.

@actech what do you mean and also the example cannot show the time

I don’t understand your question. In my example, there is no time display function. I can only say that my example doesn’t work in Live on iOS 11.

yes it cannot work the example in windows 10 @actech

I think the Sound component only works with mp3. The fact that this format is played on Android suggests that this is an undocumented feature.

Try replacing all files with mp3

See Docs (component accepts .mp3 and .wav files but does not accept .ogg files)

i followed @actech’s advice and rearranged most of the blocks so only one sound source is used, and i’m using a chime var that continually cycles from 1 to 6 when the chime button is clicked. i did not bother to change the other blocks that display time. for my debugging i added a label2 and button2 to allow me to stop.

btw you don’t need to use a stop button just as mentioned on the previous post