My App WildLife Saver

Hi guys!
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this wonderful Thunkable Community. Hopefully you guys remember me! I just want to show you guys my app that I did for school and I’ve always wanted to share it with everyone in the world. I stopped Thunkable for a few months since I had some other school work. So yeah, I’m going to show you guys an app that I made for schoolwork and I want to show it to you guys! Hopefully you guys will like it.( i spent quite a lot of time on it!:slight_smile: )

WildLife Saver
The app that will raise awareness and that’ll give you a chance to accomplish the 15th UN Global Goal!

Here is the link to my app!

Hope you guys like it!

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And also a special thanks to all who helped me!

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Thanks a lot guys!