This app is made by Thunkable

Hello Thunkers
I would like to share with you my next update to my existing app “Guidy”
It is an educational app that contains info and files which is important for students and teachers in my country.
The app has also in-app chat and a game.
I was awarded by the Minister of Education and The Parliament for mading this app.
I have invited to participate in IVLP - International Visitor Leadership Program in the United Stated of America “Education For Digital Age” also got “Arkansas Traveller” which is honorable title for Good Will Ambassador.

All of this happened because of Thunkable and you guys. I do appreciate everything especially @domhnallohanlon who was always a great supporter.
(I cannot download it :tired_face: now coz I run two downloads and fortunately there’s no PayPal in my country, I hope you increase downloads per month)

Please, watch this video of my app.


How much time you took to make it?

I made it 2018 but if you like to build an app like this, it takes about a week when you know how Thunkable works.
Note: Some info in the app has already prepared by my mates so I just added them.