Latest Thunkable Cross-Platform Release (Feb 11) - Made with Thunkable +

Hey Thunkers,

Thanks to a great suggestion from a community member, we updated the default icon on the Splash Screen of downloaded and published apps (Thunkable PRO members don’t see their icon instead).

In a previous release, we also slimmed down the size of your downloaded and published apps, made the positioning properties for Screen, Rows and Columns more intuitive and set the default height for Labels to something that made sense for most use cases.

See full release notes here



Oh, thanks for the great news

Is there any expected date for the next release ?

Thanks again

I am a PRO member but in the trial period and I have the Thunkable default Splash Screen.

  1. How to I skip the trial to the real / full membership?
  2. Where do I change the screen? There will be a specific form as I start real / full membership?
    Thank you.