Fun with Thunkable Beaver


I have made a little playable toy from your awesome beaver.

Servo controlled with a Bluetooth module.

Hope you like :slight_smile:

Regards Bo Kalvslund


Awesome! I guess the Thunkable people could get this mascot model from you for their showcase! :smile::smile:

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Way to go, Bo!

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Thanks, Mark.

This is amazing!!!


Thanks Amrita - the camera is a bit shaky but the Beaver is alive for sure - he(?) is sitting at my desk and having a snack (a wooden stick)…

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This is awesome!

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Thanks, Arun :smiley: Have a great Day

I have updated the app. Now I control the servo through the position of the dragged finger on a canvas.

Thunkable Beaver - Interactive toy made with Arduino and Bluetooth App

The mapping is not 100% - but its quite nice to play with the app and the beaver this way…:slight_smile:

Regards Bo.


I love the idea and I love your update :heart_eyes: Nice to see what you can do with some effort, Thunkable and creativity :slight_smile:

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Thanks Chris. It was fun to make. Love the posibilities to combine physical and virtual things…

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Awesome! :smiley:

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astonishing :smiley:

Keep thunking (or whipping)!


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