Need to use Classic Bluetooth in Thunkable (Cross Platform)

I want to use Classic Bluetooth client in my android app. Is there anyway to use that in Thunkable (Cross Platform)?. I see only Bluetooth LE available in it.


I have the same problem. I have designed an App in Classic and want to upgrade to X but there is no Bluetooth Client, only BLE. I used Bluetooth Client to check the status of the Smartphone’s Bluetooth connection (on or off). Do you have an answer to the problem?

I have the same question

Hi everyone. I also have the same problem,
In fact I tried to communicate from my Thunktable app to my esp32 using BLEDevice.h, BLEUtils.h, BLEServer.h in the Arduino Code but I didn’t have success.

We need a way to use classic BT technology in Thunkable.